Missions, Serving, and Edification

Missions, Serving, and Edification

Crystal Lake Church of Christ is independent from any other Church of Christ as the Bible outlines in Jude 3 and Galatians 5:1. We independently support these organizations.



Beaver Creek Bible Camp: Beaver Creek Bible Camp is an association of faithful Christians who have organized a doctrinally sound week long summer camp for young teens. In operation since 1997, we have used the facilities of the Beaver Creek Reserve in Eau Claire, WI. The purpose of the summer session is to spend a week in Bible study and fellowship with young people from throughout the Upper Midwest. 


JOS School of Biblical Studies: A four-year school of biblical studies, located in Jos, Nigeria, centered around preparing students to go out and preach the gospel to their local communities and throughout Africa. Since 1989, the focus of the School of Biblical Studies training is on evangelism and sound doctrine. To date, due to this effort approximately 2,100 people have been baptized.


Shults-Lewis: Child and Family services organization in Valparaiso, IN centered around assisting struggling teens and their families through faith, counseling, love, acceptance and hope. 


Serving Opportunities:

Shine Your Light Group: Members meet bi-monthly and independently to volunteer for opportunities to reach out to the community and assist with physical and spiritual needs.


Additional Outlets for Learning and Edification:

Ladies Bible Book Club: Bi-Monthly group of women that meet to review specific books of the Bible that are collectively read. In depth synopsis of each book of the Bible is shared and discussed in each meeting.

Ladies Bible Class: A weekly gathering of women who take a deeper dig into the Bible.

VBS: Every two years, Crystal Lake Church of Christ hosts a Vacation Bible School for all ages.

Annual Singing: Crystal Lake Church of Christ hosts an annual a cappella singing and fellowship dinner follows.